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Sewing machine cabinet/table plans

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My sweetheart just got a new sewing machine (that costs twice what a new Unisaw would cost), so I need to produce a suitable home for it and get it off the kitchen table. Does anyone know where I can get plans/hardware for such a beast? The one she likes in the catalog runs about $3,000. Thanx. Rick

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The price of cabinets that you see in sewing machine retailers bear no resemblance to the cost of making such items. I was repeatedly told that the lift mechanism itself was $5-600. Hogwash.

Here is one site for ideas:

Let us know how you make out.



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that costs twice what a new Unisaw would cost... LOL..

Wait until she buys Needles, thread, and possible additional software and whatever else. I thought woodworking tools were expensive... I once saw a box of what looked like standard sized thread spools, not sure, about 50 spools of different shades. It was over $200.00. I can buy a bed sheet with miles of thread for $30.00?

I did a quick search on the net. Many out there. Also, do not forget the lift mechanics unless she is really strong and the machine is only hinge mounted like the really old treadle operated Singers. I would think you could just build from the picture of the one that she likes.

Make drawers with separators for the machine attachments and the many templates and other thing a seamstress uses. Do not forget the possibility of adding some fold out table extensions for holding the extra fabric.

I have only made one. Yes, from a picture. The top MUST be SMOOTH and snag free or she may get a bit upset at you.

Find some basic plan in the style she likes and modify it from there. A sewing table is like a workshop. All have very different ways of working with the same sort of tools.

I'd bet she would like working with you to design 'what she wants'.. Never hurts pleasing your sweetheart!

I use the thin 4X4 foot? cardboard panels (found at some furniture/other moving places).

They are GREAT for making a mockup of any design. Tape and hot-melt glue and away you go. You can make the whole thing in cardboard before cutting ANY wood.

By the way.. What you both come up with may cost way more than that $3000.00 cabinet. The one I made for one of my daughters cost me about $1000.00 for the wood. Not sure where I found the machine lift but it was about $200.00.

Have fun!


Have a great day.. Life is wonderful even if you are having a bad day!

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Looks like I got by really cheap. (The sewing cabinet, not the machines)

The one I made for the wife is pretty simple. It is L shaped countertop (plastic laminated edged in walnut) that is about 30 inches deep. Each leg of the L is maybe 6 feet or so. Each end of the L is supported by a stack of drawers. There is no lift mechanism. The machines sit out in the open. The cats enjoy eating the thread.

She really makes use of the countertop area. I would suggest that whatever design you use, ensure there is plenty of work space. Just like a workbench, bigger is usually better.


She spotted a “Quilt Caddy” online and asked me to make one. It’s a drawer stack on wheels.


The greatest thing is that while she is busy making quilts, I am free to go into my shop. Win-Win.


Good Luck,



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I used the Deluxe Sewing Center plan from Rockler and the Lift Kit linked by an earlier poster.  Wife loves it.  Holds both of her machines and most of her tools and supplies.

One caution, I could only obtain MDF core plywood locally when this project was made.  The result is that the cabinet is HEAVY.  The Wife appreciates the solid feel of the cabinet, until it comes time to re-arrange the furniture.


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sewing machine lift and plans (post #141503, reply #5 of 7)

There are a couple of plans out there. Rockler has a plan and a lift. The lifts do range in price from $140-500. I'd love to have a hubby build my sewing cabinet....I am in the process of building my own.

Good Luck!

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sewing table (post #141503, reply #6 of 7)

My husband is making me a beautiful sewing table out of maple and I would like to know what the best type of finish to use on the top. 

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You'd be better off asking this question in the Finishing section.