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curved glass display case

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I'm kind of stuck and hope someone out there can help me out, my wife has fallen in love with a quilt/display cabinet she found in a furniture store.( what she was doing in a furniture store to begin with is a mystery to me because we have designed and built all of the furniture in our home,,but that's beside the point,, )

what she found is a display case to put quilts in, it has a curved glass top and glass sides made from oak and costs about $400.00. Now I know I can do a much better job building the thing (and cheaper) if I can get some basic info. specifically, the glass, is there a standard size, ie.. length,radius, etc.. that these things come in? has anyone seen a plan or know of a source for the curved(bent) glass? My guess is that she is going to want at least three, maybe four of them to display her collection so it is in my best interest to make them for her. Any info would be most welcome.


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There used to be a place--  VanDykes Restoration---If I remember correctly. that had curved glass listed in their catalogue. I am thinking the place was out west someplace.  If yoou don't find it via search engine let me know. I may still have an older catalogue around somewhere.





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There are not standard sizes of bent glass.   You can get glass custom-bent to your specs, but it is very expensive.  Van Dykes is the only place I've ever found which stocks bent glass.   If you can possibly use what they stock, you'd be way better off than custom bending.


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thanks for the info, my local glass guy says that vandykes prices are better than his, even with the shipping and boxing charges, I don't know how that could be but that is what he said, maybe he just doesn't want the job? Any way, thanks for responding



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Uncletim, I have another place for you to check out, I'll find the info when I get to the shop today.


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Hi while surfing for a quilt display case i came across this older post.Like you my wife while in a quilt store in branson mo saw a curved top glass sides oak display case I would like to suprise her by building one My woodworking skills are limited so it would be great if i could fine a blueprint plan for one.Do you know where such a plan coult be purchased?.Thanks for any help