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Adirondack Chair - materials list?

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I picked up the recent Adirondack Plans from Tauton. The plans include a cut list but I'm wondering - has anyone put these pieces together to develop a "materials" list? You know - 5-1x4x12', 3-5/4 x 8 x 10', and all those numbers. Sometimes it can be quite a science - especially if you're on a budget.

Anyone already done my homework?

I live in CA where redwood and cedar are competitively priced. Should I try to build this with cypress?

Thanks in advance


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Hi. Here's one option for you. You could draw the project in SketchUp using individual components for the pieces. Then you could move the components around and lay them out to see how many boards you need to buy.



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Jim. Lowes's have an Adirondack plan and cut list on their site
Hope this is of some help.
Rgds Boysie, Slan Leat.

I'm never always right  but i'm always never wrong. Boysie

I'm never always right  but i'm always never wrong. Boysie
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It's been a long time...but... (post #115340, reply #3 of 6)

Did you ever find that list of raw materials you were looking for?  I'm taking the dust off the plans I purchased a few years ago, and this would really help as you were aware.  How'd the chair turn out?  What kind of wood did you use? - Brian

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The quality of the lumber you (post #115340, reply #4 of 6)

The quality of the lumber you can get will impact how much you'll have to buy. I did a quick SketchUp model of the chair from the article as I suggested to the original poster and then used the CutList extension to create layouts for the lumber. These layouts assume all of each board is usable and that you start with nominal 8" wide boards. You could break it down further for narrower boards if you want.

Layout for the thinner pieces and for the thicker pieces.

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Thank you this is really helpful... (post #115340, reply #5 of 6)

So glad someone is still following this thread after so many years!  Your SketchUp drawings are great.  One program I wish I picked up on earlier that several of my colleagues and a few of my friends have mastered.  Are these boards 8' long in addition to 8" wide?  I'm going to try working with red cedar unless I find it's too expensive.  They don't really carry it at Home Depot so that may mean a heavier price-tag.  I want these chairs to wear well so if there aren't many comparable options for lumber I may "pony up" for the red cedar.  Thanks again for your time and assistance!

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The thinner stuff would be (post #115340, reply #6 of 6)

The thinner stuff would be nominal 1x8 so basically 3/4 in. by 7-1/2in. I did the layouts based on 8 foot long boards. I think there's a seat slat missing from the thinner stuff but there's room for it anyway. Good luck with sourcing the materials and building the chair.

Thanks for the compliment. I'm glad you like the drawings.