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Which Bandsaw blade to buy? General use

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Which Bandsaw blade to buy? General use (post #158181)

Hi, I just picked up a 12" Jet BS on craigslist for pretty cheap.  It didn't come w/ a blade.  For general use (tapering, dovetails, etc), what blade (teeth, width, else?) should i look to pick up?  I don't plan to resaw w/ it.


Thanks for helping me out!  Brad

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Bandsaw (post #158181, reply #1 of 16)



I have a delta 14". I have not used the 12" Jet but I'd think that it would work fine if you use a pretty high tension on the blade to prevent the blade from wandering around.



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choices (post #158181, reply #2 of 16)

For general work, I use Olson blades, which are reasonably priced and work well. They have a tips sheet on their site that helps in selecting the right blade:


You may also find this article by Michael Fortune to be helpful:

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thanks (post #158181, reply #3 of 16)

Hi Ralph, thanks for steering me in the right direction.  Brad

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Which blade (post #158181, reply #4 of 16)

Depends a lot on what you plan to do with the saw. Charts like this can help you understand the basics:'s.pdf

If you have the model number you can download the manual. 

Get the correct length blade.




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thanks Don (post #158181, reply #10 of 16)

Don, this is perfect and very enlightening.  Thanks!  Brad

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you use a band saw to cut (post #158181, reply #5 of 16)

you use a band saw to cut dovetails?? 

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Motorized Frank Klausz (post #158181, reply #6 of 16)

Bandsaw for dovetails is the motorized version of Frank Klausz's bow saw ;-)

Work Safe,  Count to 10 when your done for the day !!

Bruce S. 


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Chuckle (post #158181, reply #7 of 16)

Plus, the bandsaw is all forth, no back. So, that's gotta cut the time in half to start.  ;-)

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1/2 the time ?? (post #158181, reply #8 of 16)

That is questionable !!    Ever see Franks one minute utility grade dovetail video?  ;-)

Work Safe,  Count to 10 when your done for the day !!

Bruce S. 


DonStephan's picture has (post #158181, reply #9 of 16) has always given me great advice on blade selection and the blades have always performed well.

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Suffolk "Timber Wolf" (post #158181, reply #11 of 16)

Been using Suffolk blades, and except for a couple of blades with bad welds (which were replaced at no charge) have found them to work well for me.  I use their 3/8 x 4 PC (4 teeth/inch pitch) for all around work.  Excellent cutting, little or no wander, and the minimum radius of a 3/8 blade is given at around 1 1/4 inches.  It would be a good blade size to start with, and it will do a respectable job of resawing when needed.

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Bandsaw blades (post #158181, reply #12 of 16)

Hi Brad... As others have mentioned, Timberwolf blades from Suffolk Machinery are tops.  They are very helpful in helping you selecting the proper blades for you to use.  Ask anout any special 'deals' for first-time buyers.  Sometimes they have a buy 3, get 4 special.

I get most of my blades (Olson Brand) from Armor Crafts   www.armorplans,com.   Scroll down on their front page to 'scroll band blades. Click on it, and you will get to their saw blade page.  The Olsen chart is at the very bottom.  They do not have the wide range that Suffolk Machinery has, but they do stock the most popular sizes.  The guys ARE woodworkers and know what most people will buy. 

Since most of my work is making small toys, I generally use the 3/16 x 4 TPI and the 1/4 6TPI.   Occasionally, I will  use the 3/8 x 4 TPI and rarely, the 1/2" x 3TPI.   Yes, I have other blades, but these are the ones I use 95% of thge time.

SawdustSteve   Long Island, NY   (E of NYC)

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bandsaw source (post #158181, reply #13 of 16)

I use a 1/2' 3 tpi blade for most work and sometimes a 1/4" 6 tpi blade.  I recently ordered some 1/2" bimetal blades from Woodcraft Bands.  The price was ~2/3 of any other source (under $40  ea. for a 150" blade).  Seem like really nice folks, shipped the blades that day.

Good luck,


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bandsaw blades (post #158181, reply #16 of 16)

I have used the 1/2 4tpi timberwolf blades and I just put in a 1/2 3tpi from bc saw and tool have you used this blade before

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thanks (post #158181, reply #14 of 16)

Thanks again to all.

I looked at a couple of the sites mentioned, but shipping killed the value, so I order a timber wolf from woodcraft that includes free shipping.

1/2" x 82", 3 TPI Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blade


- Brad

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bandsaw blade (post #158181, reply #15 of 16)

Hi there,

I love using a site called

They have tons of sizes and will custom make any blade you need.

They also gave me free shipping and answered all my questions.

check it out