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Value of used Grizzly machinery???

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Hi all,

I have an opportunity to pick up a Grizzly model G1026 3HP shaper with 17 different cutters and a Grizzly model G1033 20" planer. Both units are about 4 years old used by a hobbyist. Two questions. Does anyone have an estimated value of where the price should be for these units? Obviously I know I have to take into consideration condition and what type of cutters etc. Second question, would anyone be interested in the shaper? I am considering buying both and then reselling the shaper. I am located in SE Wisconsin.

Thanks Eric

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When considering used machinery, I look at half the new price as a starting point for a functional, unabused machine and might go up to 2/3 if the condition is excellent, manuals included, extras, etc.  Grizzly may go a bit cheaper percentage wise than "big name" brands but not much.  My 2cw--hope it helps.





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Macks comments are "right on" in terms of my observation of the sale of used equipment. If you watch the classified ads in your local paper ( the best part of our paper) the stuff that is listed at 50% of new goes in a heartbeat if it is in good shape. The stuff listed at 75% of new, never sells. Makes sense because why would one pay almost new prices for used; might as well buy new and get the warranty, etc.

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Grizzly sells their new, just no box stuff in their scratch and dent tent sales for about 15-20% off to give you an idea of value.  I agree with the previous posters in saying start with 50% and go up or down based on condition and extras.


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Thanks for the input. I'm going to pass on what he's asking for it. Thanks. Eric

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I am interested in your shaper. What shaper knives do you have? state your price and lets see what happens. Bob