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Use of shaper/spindle moulder

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In the United Kingdom  we call it a spindle moulder and in the United States I believe you call it a shaper

My question can anyone please suggest books,videos or sources of information on the internet to help me grow my knowlege and ensure I use the maschine safley

I have received two days training but would welcome any further advise


Kind regards Charnwood

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A couple of books:

The Shaper book - Bird - Taunton Press - 1-661-68120-8

Shaper Handbook - Cliffe - Linden Press - 0-941936-69-4


WMH Group (Powermatic, Jet) Have a Shopclass Series DVD on shapers with Phil Lowe

The DVD covers basic setup and operation.


Hope this helps

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Best shaper book is by Eric Stephenson called the Shaper or Spindle Moulder. Actaully came out in England originally. There's only 4 or 5 books on the subject. Most of this stuff is handed down from operator to operator in the industry. The shaper can take a liftime to learn. It's that involved.