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taking tools overseas

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I am looking at a ~2 year assignment in the UK where power is 240V and 50HZ.  I have a decent collection of shop and hand power tools and am trying to decide what to do with them.  We expect to come back home after this assignment and I will not have to pay for shipping or storage either way.  Anyone have ideas on the following:

 - Bandsaw, jointer, and DC can be converted to 240V and I assume I can just put a local plug on it.  Any issues with lower Hz?

 - I was getting ready to take the plunge on a new cabinet saw and a lathe (all 240V).   Buy it here, get one there, or hone my hand tool skills for the next few years?

 - I assume all hand power tools, Dewalt 735 Planer and Chopsaw (all 120V) should be put in storage. Any thoughts on protecting them?  Any good options for actually bringing them over?


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>>>>  Any issues with lower (post #170088, reply #1 of 1)

>>>>  Any issues with lower Hz?

As I recall, the tools will run 20% slower and produce less power.  Google "electric motors, 60 hz versus 50 hz for lots of info.

That said, the best answer is to contact the manufacturer and get their answer.