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Tablesaw Overhead Dust Collectors

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We are seeking to limit the TS dust via an overhead dust collector. Is there a lower cost alternative to the Excalibur (~$400)? I know you can build your own for less but the liability is a concern as this is a school shop.

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I have the Penn State Industries dust guard (officially, they don't call it a blade guard.  Liability again.)  It works pretty well, runs $185 + $20 shipping.  One reason I like it is the ease of adjustment in height and left-to-right, back/forward if you need to.  As far as minimizing dust, I've never put the back part on it, as it doesn't quite work with the quick-release splitter I've got.  Last week, I forgot to open the blast gate on the upper hose, and got a good demonstration of how much more dust I'd get if there were no dust pick-up there.

Somewhere awhile ago, I saw a pic of a guard like the Penn State with a "fringe" around the outer edge, helped focus the air flow better.  Another point:  It definitely works better when you run a 4" hose to the boom rather than a 2.5".

forestgirl -- you can take the girl out of the forest, but you can't take the forest out of the girl ;-) 

forestgirl -- you can take the girl out of the forest, but you can't take the forest out of the girl ;-) 

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I also agree with forestgirl.  I had the same problem 3 weeks ago and could not decide which overhead guard to purchase.  For the Penn State guard being less than 200 delivered, its a no brainer.  The setup was easy and the adjustments are easy.  I would definately rec. it.  I have had zero problems with mine.....besides, red is my favorite color.


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Afternoon Arch...

I also have the Penn State guard... ughhh... well the plastic shield that is sold separately anyway. It goes up and down with the thickness of the stock without adjustment. The stock 2 1/2" dust port in it works fine for me with a 2 1/2" hose as I have a 6" pipe-line suction from a cyclone that take care of the bottom side of the saw and pulls through extra holes drilled in the ZCTP.

But.. I suppose for a school shop it is a liability concern and not covered by insurance if someone other than a genuine liability certifier does not approve of a home-made design as it is too un-safe. But yet... they certified those stock thingy's with the guillotine blade that almost took my finger off once as wholesome for American consumption!

My question is... are the kid's really safe with what they certify? I guess they are if the government says so.... ha..ha... ha..ha..ha..

Regards from a self protector.... :>)

Sarge.. jt


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