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Tablesaw horsepower question (contractor vs cabinet)

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I've own a bosch 4100 contractor tablesaw for 5 years. I am now looking into upgrading to a laguna fusion. I am hobbyist with a small shop and regularly work with 6/4 rough boards. 


I read taht my bosch saw has 4 horsepower/15amps and that the laguna has 1.75hp/15amps. I am concerned about such a  difference especially given that if I want 4hp in a cabinet saw or even a hybrid, cost would go up exponentially!


Thank you for your feedback (btw. my budget is $1500 max.)


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hey cabinet makers, has (post #179986, reply #1 of 1)

hey cabinet makers, has anyone out there ever used a martin or scmi sliding table saw. im going to the big show in atlanta too buy a new slider and want some real feed back about these expencive saws