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Table mounted router

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Table mounted router (post #166291)

My Bosch 1615EVS router which was being used in a table finally bit the dust (about 20 ears old).  I am going to need a new high horsepower model to replace it.  Anyone have recommendations?  Since I am getting older now,  the idea of above the table bit changes is pretty appealing.  Is it worth the extra money to purchase a router lift?  If so which one is best?


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You can always buy another (post #166291, reply #1 of 7)

You can always buy another Bosch. You could buy the complete router for an extra base or just the motor to go in the base you have. The 3hp PC 7518 is very popular in router tables. I use a collet extension in mine for above table bit changes, I don't have a lift. An allen wrench is used to change bits.

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Choices (post #166291, reply #2 of 7)

When I used a smaller router in my old router table, I actually preferred to lift the router and plate out of the table to make adjustments where I could see them. When I built a new table, however, I decided to go with a larger router and lift combo. I chose the PC 7518 router (motor only) and a Bench Dog Pro lift (made for the 7518), and have been quite pleased. There are trade-offs in positioning the router in the lift, though. So, depending on where you have it positioned, you may still need an offset wrench to loosen/tighten the collet.

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I have a Bench Dog Pro lift (post #166291, reply #3 of 7)

I have a Bench Dog Pro lift and Bench Dog cast iron table extension, I like it a lot.  I started out using a Bosch 1617EVS but it bogged down even when doing moderate routing.  I upgraded to a Milwaukee 3.5 HP 5625 and could not be happier.  You do need a .030" shim when using the 5625 in lifts designed for the PC 7815 router. 


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My choice (post #166291, reply #4 of 7)

My choice would be a PC 7518 with a Woodpecker side winder.

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good brand (post #166291, reply #5 of 7)

As far as I'm concerned you can't go wrong with porter cable.

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table mounted router (post #166291, reply #6 of 7)

Triton has two models with different power ratings.  Both have built in lift mechanisms which support above the table bit changes.  This is a more economical approach than buying a separate lift.  The other suggestions are good ones also.  You should check out the alternatives.

Good luck, Tom.

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I have a Dewalt 2 1/4 HP on (post #166291, reply #7 of 7)

I have a Dewalt 2 1/4 HP on my table with a woodpecker router lift, I love the combination. The router is quiet and has enough power and the lift is great for small adjustments. 


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