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I have inherited a Shopmate scroll saw and I don't think all the parts are there.  I am looking for an operators manual but am unable to locate a name plate to find the model number.  When I type in Shopmate for a Google search I get to the Black & Decker web site but they don't seem to know about Shopmate.  Anybody got any ideas how I can find out about the tool?  The scroll saw must be almost 50 yars old.



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Try "" that is the site for old wood working machines.

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Thanks for the web site address.  I found a Shopmaster J-20 picture that's the machine I have. 

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Can you post a picture?

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Thanks for the website address.  I found a picture on the site of what I have, but it's a Shopmaster J-20.  Not sure where my mind goes sometimes.  The picture was posted by Curt Roberts.  Now I have to see how to contact him and see if he has any info on blades and other parts.