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any saw stop owners having possible bearing problems or blade vibration problems?

the blade om my saw stop runs true and then wobbles lke it is out of balance.Ive had it 11/2 yrs withno problems to this point. im not a cabinet builder(everday use).IT started by having a vibration problem and slight noise,now no  noise but blade definetly wobbles and then straightens out then wobbles. lookat the manual and it said belt or bearing problem. calling sawstop monday .the warranty says it doesnt warantee parts that is normal wear and tear.hmm?any help here?

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Have you tried a different blade? The symptoms you report are similar to what you see with a warped blade.



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yes steve.first thing i did.thankyou

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Have you checked the run out at the arbor flange?  Sounds like bad bearings or as previous poster stated, a bad blade.  Hard to imagine it would be bad bearings though unless they are cheap Chinese ones (which I doubt)  Might also want to check and make sure the arbor pulley hasn't gotten loose.


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thanks greg will check the flange

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If it isn't the blade, me thinks check for a loose arbor pulley.


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Freud makes a "sanding disk / truing" blade.  It is thick and stable.  It is made specifically for checking, and setting up table saws. 

Get one, and a dial indicator and check for run out in the arbor. 

With it still mounted; check the bearings for play by pulling it towards where the dial indicator stem is, and pushing it away, then rotate a little ways and try it again.  Assuming the bearings are either balls or tapered rollers, this will pin point any slop in the bearings. 

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Contact SawStop. They are very responsive to problems.


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Let us know what the problem turns out to be.