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Replacing the drive belt on De Walt 13' planer DW735

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I was planing some soft pine but blew the fuse to my shed, and lost power to the machine as well - then later stupidly turned the planer back on with plank still in place - some odd sounds from the the machine, and now cutter is not spinning and wood not advancing - I presume that I broke the belt to the cutter. Any other possibilities? Is this something I can repair/replace myself? Many thanks

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I have and use this tool as (post #143536, reply #1 of 1)

I have and use this tool as well. I can't imagine that both chains would break at the same time but - under load and a surge could do amazing things - anyway - there is an exploded view with part numbers and the ability to order parts here -
Like I said there are two chains and they are 5$ apiece. If you know how to use tools I would imagine that you could fix this using the parts diagrams - just be methodical - take photos of the process so it is easier to reverse when it is time to put it back together. I think that you can take the covers off and do it from there without gutting the machine as it is a consumable part.
When I started working on things I would always lay out the parts in the order I took them off in so I could simply start at the end when It was time to put it all together. This takes a lot of room but a 13" planer should only need the kitchen table to be completely laid out.