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Packard Precision Heavy Duty Drill Press

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I have purchased a 1983 Packard Precision Heavy Duty Drill Press, Model # 1600HDF, 16 speed, 3/4 hp. w/ 5/8" chuck.  It seems to run fine, but I cannot find the company or any other info on the machine.  Anyone have any info?  I would love a book on this floor stand drill press.  Father Ted.

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Packard Precision Drill Press (post #92606, reply #1 of 2)

I also have a 1982 model of the same--picked it up here in L.A.(near Glendale) but seem to have lost the chuck key. Any idea if parts can be had or if the key is a standard size? You might guess it's not a tool I use often, but it's served me well for all the years I was spending more of my time in my studio. Any reader's help with info about the drill's chuck size etc. would be helpful--mine also seems to have been blasted by a careless friend's spraypaint can or some such! I'll be thrilled just to get a key to move once I find one!!
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Chuck keys (post #92606, reply #2 of 2)

Chuck keys are related to socks - the ones that get lost in the drier.  ;-)

There may be fine print on the chuck (the Jacobs Chuck number) that will give you a clue toward finding the proper key. I fyou end up trying to select from a drawer of different sized keys, however, you may need to measure the size of the hole for the key's guide pin.

Here's a listing of the different Jacobs chucks and corresponding keys: