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Overheating Drill Press

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I have a new Delta 17-965 drill press that is a week old, and today it shut down (after getting too hot I suppose).  An hour later it starts after cooling and runs fine.  It's on a 20 amp circuit wired with 12ga, with nothing else running, so there should be no problem with supply.

I had been sanding for about a half hour with a drum approx 1" diameter and had been applying moderate pressure.  Didn't think that I was stressing anything; however, I imagine this puts more strain on the motor than drilling holes.

Of course I can call Delta on Monday during business hours.  In the meantime, has anyone had similar experiences, or have any ideas?


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Drill presses are not designed to take side pressure.

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You have a bad motor. Sanding drums do exert side pressure but have no bearing on the motor overheating. I am sure Delta will replace your motor.


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I had the exact same problem 25 yrs ago with a Sears drill press. I made them give me a new motor and it's worked fine ever since. Side pressure on a DP won't hurt the motor, only the shaft if the bearings aren't good quality ball bearings. If you're sanding a lot (I do) bring the work table up to the drum, not the drum down to the work by extending the quill. I had to replace the bearings in my DP a few years ago, probably because I use it as a sander and light milling machine.

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Mike and Rob,

You guys are right about the problem and Delta has graciously agreed to UPS a new motor to me.  This morning, as an additional test, I let the motor run free for 30 minutes and I couldn't hold my hand on it.  Delta says it should not get that hot.


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An ongoing saga:

Delta shipped a new motor for the drill press on the 14th, and it arrived via UPS today, the 16th.  I was pleased with their prompt service.

Then I opened the box.  The package had been dropped, the motor housing was fractured causing one of the bolts that holds the  motor housing ends together to start to slide out of the motor.  A piece of wood fitted in the bottom of the box was split, which makes me wonder from what height it was dropped.  Unfortunately I did not pay attention to the condition of the box til after the UPS driver had left.

Nevertheless, Delta said they were sorry and would ship another motor on Monday and that the UPS had been called to schedule a pickup of the damaged motor.

Past experience with countless deliveries by UPS has been flawless, so perhaps they were due to flub one.

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>> ... perhaps they were due to flub one.

Yeah, or maybe it got dropped before it was shipped. That would be my guess.

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You know, that was actually my first thought.  Then I examined the box and found it to be in such poor shape, I decided it had been handled poorly along the way.  But, I suppose we'll never know.


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You ever seen the opening scene in Ace Ventura Pet detective? That tells all!

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Sorry, I missed that one.  Tell me about it.



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The courier driver epitimises ones worst dreams of what could happen to a parcel marked fragile and addressed to oneself.But the sequence is worth seeing!

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Yesterday UPS arrived and picked up the damaged motor and today he arrived with another motor.  (This is the second that Delta has sent.)  This time the carton was in good shape, nevertheless, I opened the carton to inspect contents before he left.  All appears well so perhaps tomorrow I will have a drill press that doesn't overheat.

The motors for the drill press are made in China while the motor on my contractors saw (Delta) that's about 5 years old was made in the USA.  It would be interesting to know if our electric motors are of better quality than those from China.  If they aren't, I would suppose we won't see many more made here.