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Has anyone every heard of a Mark 1 benchtop drill press?  I have a friend who is trying to sell it to me and I have never heard of it.  Does anyone have a cross-reference to a different brand, perhaps?  Thanks.

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Look on the label and see where it was made, if it comes from Taiwan or China it is quite possibly a low end machine.  Some of the brand name machines from Asia are good quality, but the Mark I name sounds like an el-cheapo importer.  Some of these low end bench top drills sold for around $80.00 and were terribly made.

John W.

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I have a Mark 5 "drill press". Actually it is a Shopsmith Mark 5 that I inherited but find that its best use is as a drill press....or lathe. Since you said benchtop, I don't really think this is what you speak of but if it happens to be, it is a great machine and quite costly.

I did a quick google search and only found a couple of taiwaneese models under that description. Could be a deal if the price is right.