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A good friend whom I have mentioned before just dropped off another load of stuff from his now closed shop.. In there was one item of particular interest.. Value is yet to be determined. It is a Leichtung Double Edge-To-Edge Doweling Jig.

I just read the little two page manual on it and it makes no sense to me how this thing ever sold. Does any one out the have any experience with this thing?

Steve - in Northern California

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Rick Leichtung ran a mail order operation that was kind of a combination Brookstone, Veritas and Harbor Freight - an eclectic mix of tools, "handys" and miscellany.  Rick sold the business to his friend John Worth who owns Woodworkers Supply (  Every once and a while, I'll get a small mailer of Leichtung "Handys" that has a little of everything but nothing of great consequence.  Suggest you contact Woodworkers Supply as they are the heir apparent to Rick and his "handys."  Let us know what you find out - sounds like its a tool similar to a left handed hammer or the Y2K compliant screwdrivers.

Ed Gregg

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Thanks for all the info Ed. I checked out the site and they have an Edge-to-Edge jig but it looks like a newer, refined (and simpler), version. I think this one is actually pretty good but I'll never know until I figure out how to use it. LOL.

Steve - in Northern California