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Homemade Marking Gauge

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Does anyone know where I can get a plan to make my own marking gauge? I'll need to know where to buy hardware for it also.

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A plan I have not seen.  However, in the December issue of FWW on page 66 they discuss and show a few homemade marking tools which were used to mark a piece of inlay work.  The metal materials appear to be old pieces of saw blade and x-acto blades.  Hope this helps  


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The November or December WOOD magazine had one in it. I think that issue is still available on the shelf.

Jase--Is there a better way?

Jase--Is there a better way?
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I've seen at least two articles on shop made marking gauges in FWW over the years. It might be worth searching the magazine index.

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In The Woodwright's Companion, pp. 99-103, Roy Underhill discusses making different sorts of marking gauges.  No hardware required--except a snipped nail or two.


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Thanks everyone, that should be all I need to find what I want.

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If not, check the August 2001 edition of Fine Woodworking.