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Grizzly Go459 drum sander

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Has anyone tested, or owns this sander to give me an indication if it's good, bad or indifferent? it seems to be a challenge to purchase a small drum sander for under $800.00. Any recommendations?


thanks for your help!!

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I have the 25" double drum (post #155131, reply #1 of 1)

I have the 25" double drum sander. I have a few dislikes... I don't like the way the sandpaper has to be attached. It is held in place on one end with tape, because of this you lose a couple inches of capacity. Also if you don't tape it well enough, and are sanding multiple pieces, the tape can come loose, which usually results in the paper being ruined. I believe that they now have a hook and loop conversion kit that you can purchase which might solve that problem. Also, the bearings need to be greased periodically. The rollers/holddowns need to be lubricated often as well or they emitt an ear-piercing shriek. Don't expect to be able to take stock out of the sander and into the finishing room. You will need to scrape, plane, or finish sand to remove the ridges that this machine creates. Aside from the dislikes, the machine does produce a flat surface on glued-up panels. I have also used the performax 22-44, it has better dust collection, feed rate is variable speed, attaching the paper is easier, and I never had it loosen up during use. Overall I would say that the performax is a better machine, and close to the same price. You can get the 16-32 for around $1000.00. I have also seen them used for around $600.00.