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Enlon 10" Table Saw en-3201

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I got this saw from a friend for nothing and it works pretty good for its age. Considering I'm a beginner its fine. Anyone know where I can find documentation for it, I realize the company went belly up. Maybe even a book from a similar machine. Thanks

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Not sure which saw this is exactly but you might try downloading a manual for a Grizzly saw they are simmilar.


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Thank you I'll try that.

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"Enlon" became "Star" (that I know) some years ago.  I visited the company a couple times in Clarksburg WV.  Then I heard nothing about the company for maybe five or ten years, but about six months ago one of the posters on this forum said it was still in existence and was located somewhere (I can't remember where" in the Northeast.  Don't give up until you can verify if or if not the company still exists.

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Star Tools Inc.

 4489 Middle Road






  Toll Free:

 R. Stephen Taylor