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Dust Collection for Delta table saw

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Is there a good way to add dust collection to a series 2000 Delta Platinum Edition Contractors table saw ?.  When I purchased it there were no good options, but  I had a detached 2 car garrage, and inability to hook up to dust collection easily was not an issue.   Now I am in a new shop which is an attached garage and I would like dust collection.  Are there any new options for this saw ?



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I have a Jet 10" contractor's table saw, and I believe conditions are similar with this saw to the Delta.  A plastic tablesaw dust hood, about 14 x 14 with a central hose port, is fastened to the bottom flanges of the box housing.  I used some strips of 1/4" plywood to fill the gaps between the hood edges and the steel angle box bottom, where required.  Duct taped all the joints and small openings around the box.  There was an article in a past FW or FH about making a back panel for the box, that closed as much of the opening as possible, and I made and attached one, making cutouts where required for the motor supports, pulley, and such.  If you do this, find the article, and you will readily see how you have to allow for motor carriage and pulley sweep as your saw tilts from 0 to 45.  With a hose from a dust collector hooked to the port at the bottom, I am able to suck most of the dust away.  We still get fines in the air and on the table from the dust that doesn't go into the box with the blade, so I clean the air in the shop with one of those air cleaners, hanging up close to the ceiling.  Mine's a Woodtek, from Woodworker's Supply, and has a handy remote switch.


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Dave -

For my old Rockwell 10" TS, I bough a piece of galvanized sheet metal for the bottom of the saw.  To that I soldered a 4" galvanized elbow and added a 4" galvanized pipe that comes out the side of the saw, underneath the cabinet.  I attached my DC hose to that.  Strips of galvanized sheet metal can be attached to the back hole with sheet metal screws.  Just leave room so that you can tilt the blade.  If your DC has lots of suck power, this will get most of the dust.  Total cost doing mine was maybe $10.  Home Depot has all the galvanized stuff.

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PlaneWood by Mike_in_Katy (maker of fine sawdust!)