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Has anyone seen a recent review of drum sanders for the small shop? FWW has a review from back in 2000, but not many of those machines are even around anymore. The popular one seems to be performax/jet 16/32, but grizzly is making a similar model (G0458) and I'm sure there are a few others that I don't even know about.

If there hasn't been one recently, perhaps it's time for FWW to look at it again.

I'm in the research process and there doesn't seem to be many "expert" opinions out there.


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I have the Shop Fox 26 inch double drum sander, and love it. Granted, I'd really like an oscillating wide belt, but, for the money, the Shop Fox does a very respectable job.

You have to be patient and take very light passes (about 1/64", more or less, depending on wood species and the width of the work), but, hey, it's not a planer!

Just be sure that you have plenty of dust collection capacity; the Shop Fox has two four inch dust ports, and I run them about six feet up to six inch pipe, to eight inch pipe, to my two-bag, three HP collector.


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I have a Griz. 24" double drum. works pretty well if you don't try to take a big bite.
I have the kit to change it over to velcro but haven't got around to it.
For the $$ it's hard to complain about it's performance.

It doesn't get much use any more since I got my 15" WB.


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I have 2 V drum sanders. An older 18" and a new 30" Flatmaster

Have a look at the items and see if they might work or you. I have put a lot of material over my 18" and really love it.

I bought the 30" to be able to use 2 grits simultaneously, and to take advantage of an substantial introductory offer.

Great product.

Don't know about the others. Never saw a demo or review that really inspired me, especially the ones that commented on pinching fingers and clip flying about when changing the paper.