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DeWalt Thickness Planer

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It's almost Christmas, and I happened to stop in the local Costco for some holiday necessities, and spied a DeWalt Thickness Planer for sale for about $365.  This is the next tool I'm looking to add to my shop, and Costco's reputation is for selling items at just about the lowest cost, so I thought, "This could be it!"  However, I'm interested in your feedback as to the relative quality of the DeWalt 12.5" planer.  Are there better machines out there?  Any better machines at a comparable price?

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If this is the DeWalt 734, then it's a pretty good deal. Most online retailers are selling it for $380. Depending on where you live, you might pay more at Costco after sales tax but that's okay if: 1. You want to see it and buy it in person, 2: Don't want to deal with the uncertainty of online buying or careless shippers, or 3: You want to show your support by patronizing that mom-and-pop upstart Costco. At any rate, make sure for that price you are not getting DeWalt's previous 12-1/2" version, the DW733. The main difference between the two is that the DW734 has a three-knife cutterhead whereas the DW733 has only two and is going for around $300.

I have no first-hand experience with DeWalt planers, but in terms of better machines out there, the Makita 2012NB 12" gets pretty solid reviews. Also, the DeWalt 735 13" looks really great on paper, but it just came out on the market so user comments may not be as readily available. However, both machines will run in the $480 range.

For a comparably priced machine, may I suggest the Delta 22-580 13". It only has a two-knife cutterhead, but it has two speeds so that the slower feed rate speed will achieve nearly as many cuts per inch as the DW734 with its three-knife cutterhead (the more cuts per inch, the smoother the finish.) The Delta goes for about $400, but I believe (though I'm not certain) that there is a $50 rebate which drops the price to your range.

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I've can't comment on the 734 as I have no experience with it, but I have seen the Delta 22-580 on sale at Tool Crib for $350, Woodcraft for $310 (this Saturday only), and saw a post for either WWer's Warehouse or Supply (sorry I can't remember which) for less than either of those after the rebate.  I'd have to give vote to the 2 speed at those prices.  It has a good track record, good features, and a bit more capacity. 

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I just bought the DW735 which has the new 3 cutter head; previously I had the Delta 2 speed. Really like the DW particularly the easy to read gauge, low profile ( you don't have to lift the boards as high for another pass and it is more stabile on the table it sits upon)), and  finish. It is a very solid appearing planer for a "portable". I bought mine at Woodcraft and the owner was particularly high on the DW although he sold both. I haven't enough experience with it to comment on reliablity (I doubt anyone would, as it is new)

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Jacy, last month there was quite a bit of discussion about DeWalt's 2 new planers (734, 735).  In the midst of that, users who had the 733 spoke well of it.  It would seem a good bet that the new models would be equally reliable.  Each Christmas, Costco seems to come up with 1 or 2 tools that are a cut above their usual offering!

forestgirl Another proud member of the  "I Rocked With ToolDoc Club" .... :>) -- you can take the girl out of the forest, but you can't take the forest out of the girl   ;-)

forestgirl -- you can take the girl out of the forest, but you can't take the forest out of the girl ;-) 

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   I think Ricky nailed it. I have the Delta 2 speed and am quite happy. If I didn't, I would consider the new DW and that's a good price. The Makita high-end is also superb. The Ridgid is good and I have even seen some nice things come from a "newbie's" Ryobi.

   Bottom line if I didn't have one, DW 734 followed by Makita, Delta, Ridgid as all will get the job done. Best price with all things considered. Shipping, tax and cost of the planer factored and that's what would be sitting in my shop.

   They all can be made stable if you make a heavy stand to attach to. They can be made mobile at that point.

Good luck.....


Proud member of the :  "I Rocked With ToolDoc Club" .... :>) 

Proud member of the :  "I Rocked With ToolDoc Club" .... :>) 

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these small bench top planers all work OK  (I've heard of a couple of problems with Dewalts bench tops but they were taken care of reasonably according to those who own them.)  Don't expect them to last long enough to hand down to your son (unless you don't use them very much).

  I will tell you that I've had terrible experiance with the two Delta's I owned and can't recommend them at all. after sales service worked only when I threatened to return it to Home Depot   (one was delievered without handles and one just bound up and won't adjust for depth) 

  I have heard that Mikta's is a very nice one.  Their are cheaper ones out there but their quality is suspect..

  You will quickly learn that 12 inches isn't gonna be enough but then by the time you start to really need the 20 + inchers you'll either be a pro or very wealthy..   (or like me doing work that requires that size)

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I had the last version of Dewalt's planer (not the new one) and I absolutely loved it. The finish was just about perfect. In fact, after screwing around with my brand spankin' new PM 20", I findmyselflongingfor the simplicity and beautiful finish results of the Powermatic (which i sold on ebay).

Mine never needed adjustment, blade changes were easy and forgiving, and did I mention that the finish quality of the wood was awesome?

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I forgot to mention another feature of the DW735 that I like and that is that it blows the chips out the back. While I have a dust collector that sucks them out, for someone without a dust collector , the planer blows them out and by only having a hose connected into a bag, you are dust free.