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Delta Bandsaw - Bottom Wheel removal

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I have a Delta Bandsaw (Model 28-276) that I am replacing the tires on.  I cannot get the bottom wheel off (maybe does not come off).  Top one came off with no issue.  Anyone have any tricks to get it off, or to get the tire on with the wheel still mounted?



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You shouldn't have to remove the wheel to replace the tire on a Delta BS.  Pretty much stretch the new tire on. Many ither brands require special adhesives but all the Delta BS's I've done over 25 years as a tech were the simplest out there to change a tire. Might take two people if you aren't used to it.

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I just did this on a 14" Delta bandsaw the other day. Rick is right - it's very easy and no need to remove the wheel. I used the blue "Carter" brand replacement tire from Woodcraft.


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Thanks guys.  Idid the top (removed the wheel), but will try this evening witha friend tosteady the saw for the bottom.  Top one went on easy...Thanks again!