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Delta 37-280 6" Jointer

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I'm trying to decide if I should drive an hour to go see a delta 37-280 jointer that just poppede up on Craigslist - does anyone out there have any experience with that jointer?

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There's an exploded view on Ace Tool repair at:

This looks to be a very lightly built budget model with short tables.


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Looking at the exploded view, this is a portable benchtop model such as is available for around $200 most anywhere. I used one for ten years with complete satisfaction, however, heavy duty it ain't! It would have to be a gift if I drove 60 miles for it.


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Just clarifying, that $200 is the "new" price. You should be able to get a used "real" 6" jointer for that.


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thanks Pete - it was on CL for $100 with mobile base... so might not be as great a deal with all that driving!