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Buscuits Smaller Than #0??????

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Was I dreaming that I saw a blurb about buscuits that are smaller than #0 and tools to cut the slots?  Just like usual, I see (or think I see) something then I realize that I need it months later and can't remember where I saw it.  I could sure use it now for some kitchen cabinet doors I am building.

Steve K

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Ryobi make some, Steve.

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Woodhaven ( sells biscuits which are 7/8" long, and a matching slot-cutting bit for your router.

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The biscuit cutter is a Ryobi DBJ-50. It's about $50 or $60. There are 3 biscuit sizes, all are oval shaped. R1 is 16mm x 5mm; R2 is 20mm x 8mm; R3 is 26mm x 13mm. They are all slightly over 2mm thick. The biscuits are fairly expensive, like 8 cents each from Ryobi in jars of 100. They are patented, and I don't know if there's another source.

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Porter Cable makes a face frame biscuit (FF)

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But the Porter Cable FF bscuit requires a smaller diameter cutter than the standard biscuit cutter.  (#0, #10, #20 are all the same diameter, just a shallower hole).  The PC biscuit cutter includes the smaller Face Frame (FF) blade. 


Charlie Plesums  Austin, Texas

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Sears Craftsman puts out a mini biscuit joiner. I bought it and it works well. Has a cheapie plastic fence, but like I said, It works well enough.


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I think the craftsman is now marketing the ryobi under their own name 'craftsman" but if its just for F/F consider the PC who has a biscuit and cutter made for F/F.

But if that is all your gonna use it only for cab doors I would buy a good tongue and groove  cutter ,2 piece and use my router table.  

I would use pocket holes. If the doors are gonna be paint grade I would use pocket holes also. Fill sand and paint  them.



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Skacower ,The legs go next.  Why not make 1/8: thick 'Splines' and 'Kerf 'the slots with an 1/8" x 1-1/2"carbide slotting cutter on the routertable?

Orient the spline's grain so it lies perpendicular to the joint. 

They do not have to be rounded ,but clip off their corners and dry fit before gluing up.    Stein.

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I also have the PC and have used the FF biscuits several times. They work well, though pocket screws are faster. Personaly I think that the biscuit is better.



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 I sometimes make my own size biscuits by cutting existing ones to size. It works, and I'd rather not buy any Ryobi tools.

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I have the Ryobi Biscuit cutter and it works pretty well..I use it for small trim work and picture well when you need to "splice" crown molding or casing or base for a long run too..small lightweight and compact..the busciuts are a bit spendy but they do work well..and yes Craftsman carries the Ryobi under the "Craftsman" name..same machine just diff colors...for the cost and for what it does I think its worth it..this is/was one of the very few tools I will/would by from Ryobi....hope this helps..


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i have the sears, i used it to make picture frames and other items.  I works well where a 0 is to big.