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Bridgewood woodworking machines

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Does anyone have any Bridgewood woodworking machines?I am about to purchase a new Bridgewood Jointer and Planer (16" and 20" respectivley) and was wondering if anyone had any comments on the quality of these machines. I once owned a 20" Bridgewood planner and was very happy with it's castings and mechanics, not to mention the quality of cut it produced. The new machines I am looking at have Spiral heads and insert cutters in order to reduce downtime and knife setup. I am hoping the new machines have the same quality of metal castings and shrouding and the new cutting system will produce the same if not better surface cut as my old Planer did. I look forward to any feedback from  Bridgewood owners.

Thanks all


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I've owned a Bridgewood DC and Drill Press for over 10 years and they are still going strong.  I've been happy with their product, so much so that I recently purchased their 8" jointer.  It too works flawlessly...  I live about 30 min away from Wilke and go their often.  Their staff is very helpful.  All of my products have worked well so I have never used their "customer services" but according to this other threads here that too is top notch.

I plan on purchasing their 15 planer in the next month or so.  I'm just torn as to whether of not to get the Byrd Cutterhead or the standard cutterhead.  I've read conflicting reports.  I work with alot of figured woods, specifically cherry and maple, so I like the idea of a shearing cut.  Any thoughts? 

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I have their 3hp shaper w/tenoning table. It's been a few years now, and still going strong. Came with three spindles and router bit adapter.

A freind recently purchased their 12" jointer with spiral cutterhead and very pleased with performance.

Bridgewood tests all their machinery before sending out, so all should be safe at the operating end.

Good luck

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I had a Bridgewood 8" jointer and 13" planer for 20 years with never a problem and both had Baldor motors.  I sold them last year to go bigger.  Like the other posters indicated, Wilke does set up and tests before shipment. 


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I don't own any Bridgewood equipment, but I have been told by about 4-5 different people whose judgement I trust (heavy duty professional wwers) that it is a reasonably priced, and generally a higher quality line than Grizzly.

I'll probably get skewered for offering third hand opinions (i.e. the recent Grizzly threads), but I like to have as much feedback on potential tool purchases as I can get, and I hope you do too.

"It is what we learn after we think we know it all, that counts."

John Wooden 1910-

*** "It is what we learn after we think we know it all, that counts." John Wooden ,1910-2010

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Like the others before me, I have several Bridgewood machines from Wilke.   Great quality and good support. 

They just don't seem to spend a lot of money on advertising.  Which may explain why their tools don't get reviewed as often.  I noticed one recently where a review of bandsaws said something about the Bridgewood blade glides was a negative, but they said the exact same thing about another more popular brand and it was just an observation.  I thought about writing the magazine and tell them that doesn't help me trust what they say about any of the machines.  If something is negative on one machine it would seem logical to be a negative on another similar machine.

But, having their PBS20 bandsaw (fairly large machine), a shaper, 8 inch jointer, and a sander, I can say I have had no problems.  Whenever I have called with questions they have really been helpful.

Planesaw - Alan

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I have a B W 12" jointer, 24" planer, stationary mortiser and a 27" bandsaw all of which have been superior performers. I only wish that they had offered the spiral cutterheads on the jointer and planer when I bought them. Living in between Wilke And Grizzly has been very beneficial as I feel that I ended up with very superior products after very close scrutiny of both brands and in my case the amount of money spent was slightly less. I have had many Grizzly machines in the past and they tended to be quite adequate for the price at the time. Grizzly service was always excellent - and much needed! - but I have to say Wilke is far superior and also available on site - at least in this area. Good luck with your new machines and have fun.                  Steve