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Bought 8" Bridgewood Jointer

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I just got my BW 8" jointer setup. Here are some thoughts:

Cost $1,000 ($200 more than Grizzly).The switch came with terminal connectors, the motor didn't, so I had to cut the connectors off and go buy 2 of those wire connectors with the brass set screw and bakalite caps. The table is not completely flat. I set one of the 4 knives with the tool they give you (you have to put it together, annoying). The knife was not alligned with the outfeed table, so I had to use a straight edge and set the knives off the outfeed table. The knob that tightens the fence sliding mechanism was loose and no mention in the manual so I had to play with that for a while. I don't like the fence tilting mechanism, too much movement and then when you try to get it back to 90 degrees, the stops you set don't seem to work well, so every time I have to tilt the fence I have to get the square out. It does seem to cut well and the infeed and outfeed tables seem to be in-line. The depth scale is way off, I set it for 1/64 inch and it is taking off 1/8, I'll have to play with that as well. The motor is made in USA, so I like that. It can be wired for 110 or 220, the plug it comes with is 110. I don't like the swith placement at all and it is not magnetic. All in all, the jointer is ok, but I expected much more attention to detail and a better manual.


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Sorry to hear about your trouble with the BW Jointer.  I bought one about 3 months ago and didn't have much trouble.  Getting the table out of the crate was the most trouble.  I had to assemble the motor to the base and to the switch, and both tables to the base.  I didn't have to buy any connectors. Both the tables, knifes and fence were all connected together at Wilke, I just had to assemble them to the base. 

I checked flatness with a Starrett straight edge and the tables were right on.  Knifes I took out one at a time to clean and they are level with the table.  I agree with you, the switch is lousy and I would think they could have a better manual.  But I read an article on 8" jointers and the Bridgewood was number 1 for the manual.  Hate to see the others.  There is a part listed in the manual that does not come with the jointer.  I called Wilke and they told me it should not be mentioned in the manual.  Their service department seems real helpful.  The Baldor motor has nice sound to it.  Depth setting on mine is a bit off also. 

Congratulations on the purchase and you should get many years of use out of it.


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I also purchased one 9 months ago. Jointer essentially worked out of the box. I also ditched the cable because I wanted to run jointer of 220V. I really think this jointer should come with a magnetic starter. I do not have a problem with the switch location. It would be easier to turn it on if it were on front of the machine but then it is prone to accedental startups. I hated tightening the bolts for the motor platform due to lack of access. I really have not paid attention to the scale.

I paid $895 plus shipping. My research also showed this to be the best of the pack. I have also found Wilke customer service to be very good.

I am sure when you get it all set you will enjoy the machine.


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Hi guys,

You are correct, once it is all set up it runs well. It should have a magnetic switch, the one it came with is a bit finnicy (sp). I had a real problem with access to the bolts as well. Now I am wondering what jointers like Grizzly's (ultimate 8" jointer) are like. That one weighs about 1000 pounds and cost something like $1,800. Anyway, the BW is very much better than what I had, which was an old Sears 6" with a tired old motor and very short tables. Thanks for the info!