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Blades for DeWalt DW735 planer

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My DW 735 planer seems to be hard on blades.  They do not keep an edge very long and being double sided they are expensive throw aways.  I have not found a suitable way to sharpen these yet.  

I see carbide blades advertised for this machine, but they are quite expensive.  Does anyone have experience with these carbide blades?


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Work Safe,  Count to 10 when your done for the day !!

Bruce S. 


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I plane maple, cherry and (post #170345, reply #2 of 3)

I plane maple, cherry and walnut and have gone through 2 sets of blades since I got this planer a few months ago. I just purchased some carbide blades from Infinity, they claim they can last up to 10x longer. We'll see if they are a good value.

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I can tell you that the blades that come with the 735 are a waste of money.I have been using the carbide blades from infinity tool now for a couple of years and even though they are expensive they do last 10 times longer so at three times the cost of throw away blades do the math and you get a much better finish.

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