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Best Portable Planer?

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What is the best portable planer for no more than $150 with dust collection?

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Well, a Stanley #5 hand plane is portable and produces no dust!  But, that's probably not what your looking for.

PlaneWood by Mike_in_Katy (maker of fine sawdust!)

PlaneWood by Mike_in_Katy (maker of fine sawdust!)

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I like the bosch meself...........

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I am not aware of any portable planer 12-13" that can be had for under $150; maybe Harbor Freight but IMO, if $150 is your limit , don't buy one.

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Are you talking about a thickness planer or a hand held electric plane??

If you're talking about the handheld unit I have a simple little bosch that I like and it cost me around $150 I think. I only use this tool for trimming doors and only when I need to remove alot of material, I ALWAYS follow up with a hand plane because you can't compare the results from one to the other.

If you're talking about thickness planers you may find something small and used at a garage sale for about what you're looking to spend. I had a delta 12" for many years that was a faithful little machine, just go over it carefully, look at the rollers to see they're not too worn, turn the machine on to hear any odd noises and if possible ask if you could plane a board to see if there are any variations in thickness which are telltale signs of a misaligned machine. Otherwise a new machine that would sell in this price range would more than likely be of questionable quality and probably not worth buying.

Bust out the hand plane. It's better exercise anyway.


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If you're talking thickness planer, a used or refurbed one is about all you'll find.