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Is AMT American Machinery and Tool Company out of business? I use to get their tool catalogs all the time but I haven't heard anything from them in a long long time.


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I used to live in Royersford Pa, where they had a plant but haven't been by lately. I'll have to make a trip and stop over and see what's up.

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According to the Old Wood-Working Machines website they are now in the pump business, and don't have any information on their former wood-working machine products.

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My first lathe and scroll saw were AMT along with some hand tools like taps and dies. I bought them about 20 years ago and they weren't bad quality tools for the money. Comparable to Grizzly back in the day. I  remember they used to sell big bandsaws and jointers and had a line of replacement electric motors. I use to get their catalog along with Leichtung Workshops which I guess their out of business too since I haven't heard from them in decades either. 


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Leichtung Workshop still exists as a division of Woodworker's Supply. AMT as a woodworking tool company hasn't been operating for a long time. I think their stuff was about the same quality as the late Woodworkers Warehouse (Trendlines). Twenty years ago I got a few handtools from them and a motor for an old Sears tilt-table saw. Their stuff was okay but not great.

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I still use their 6" jointer, excellent tool regardless of the cost. As far as quality goes, I suppose they compared with average taiwan tools.If I recall they have been out of business at least 25 years.


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I am looking at a 1997 AMT (post #100831, reply #6 of 6)

I am looking at a 1997 AMT catalog reight now so they were in business 15 years ago. All I can find now is refernces to pumps etc.