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1950's Delta Contractor Saw

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A new neighbor moved in up the street and the previous owners left behind a very old Delta contractor saw. The current owner sounds like he is willing to let it go cheap. He actually is not sure if it's from the 1940's or the 1950's since the serial number is somewhat worn. I have not been over to see it yet.

So how can I learn more about "vintage" Delta saws, how difficult they are to rebuild, etc.?

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Check out the Old Woodworking Machines website at

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The machine appears to be an early 1950's TCS-203. It still runs great but has been heavily modified. The legs appear to have been shortened and welded back together and a few other misc. metal stuff has been welded to the machine.

Which is too bad as re-building it would have been a fun project. But I'd prefer it all original.

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parts and stands tend to turn up on ebay. If it has an original 1 HP R/I motor, that's worth as much as the machine.


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It does appear to have the original motor. Can you give me an idea of what that motor would sell for on Ebay?

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If it's a 1 HP R/I motor in good running condition, history says it should get bids of at least $100, probably north of $150.  You can tell if it's an R/I motor because one end will have 1 or 2 removable brush covers (held down with two screws.

If the saw's been all hacked up, parting it out may be the best bet.  Original handles, gears, trunnions, etc. are in demand.


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My neighbor has this REALLY old very old Delta RAS saw on a cast iron table..

I think he is about 290 Lbs.. Just about 150 here.. I 'workin' out and may take it if I get a 'bit' bigger....

Have a great day.. Life is wonderful even if you are having a bad day!

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Here's some additional info... My "OLD DELTA' parts book show two (slightly) different 10" Tilting Arbor Table Saws... The 'Old Style' top has rounded corners and NO holes for extension wings while the 'new style' appears to have square corners with holes drilled for extension wings. I don't know when the one style changed to the other. SawdustSteve

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"My "OLD DELTA' parts book show two (slightly) different 10" Tilting Arbor Table Saws..."

Thanks for the information. This one had square corners. However, it did not have a tilting arbor - the table tilts instead.