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Applied Tung oil over a poly on ash-created a mess, how can I remove the Tung Oil from the wood/poly?

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Hi being new and listening to other I shouldn't have (or donr my own research) I applied Formbys Toung oil over already finished wood cabnets and created a mess. It won't penetrate and has caused a type of "film" on the wood.

Could some please reccommened what process it will take to revove the toung oil or the mess? I tried some alcohol ans nothing. So it has to be stronget than that.


Thanks, otis

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hello i am also new here (post #170779, reply #1 of 4)

hello i am also new here

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re-post in the finishing section? (post #170779, reply #2 of 4)

You may get better answers by posting in the finishing section.

I understand that some "tung oil" finishes are actually a mix of oil and varnish, rather than simply an oil that is supposed to penetrate the wood and cure. If that is your situation, I'm not sure what would remove the mess without affecting the underlying finish.

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I don't think you  can go (post #170779, reply #3 of 4)

I don't think you  can go wrong starting with mineral sprits. Ralph has a great point though, most stuff on the shelves is a tung oil blend.  I wonder if you can wet sand it back to the original finish?

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No surprise that the (post #170779, reply #4 of 4)

No surprise that the Formby's, won't penetrate.  Neither would any finishing material--once the surface has been sealed by a finish, none will penetrate.  Formby's is a oil based a;kyd varnish of repectable quality. Iif allowed to  cure, only stripper would remove it--but also would attack the previous finish.  You could have immediately removed the uncured varnish with paint thinner, but that won't work after much time has elapsed.

Applying an alkyd varnish over poly isn't always a recipe for problems.  If the old finish is clean, and not glossy, the new varnish should adhere satisfactorily as an additional varnish film.

Test your finish on scrap, FIRST, or risk having to scrap your finish.