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Arbor/Pergola (post #116763)

We finished an Arbor/Pergola for our climbing roses. Constructed from Red Cedar, no finish we will let it weather to match our cedar fence. We modified some plans from WoodSmith magazine. Eventually we will pave with flag stone and build a bench/glider for this area. Just for interest sakes, we have about 20 hours into this project and the cost was about $300 for wood and hardware.

Thanks for looking

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Nice work, beautiful sky also!

Mistakes are but an opportunity for fresh design!
Mistakes are but an opportunity for fresh design!
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Very nice work, I built an arbor out of red cedar this past spring too, the horizontal supports are copper tubing.  It should age nicely, I like the look of weathered copper. I stained mine, mostly because we also have a wooden playset for the kids which is also stained, and I want everything to match. Currently I'm growing hop vines on the arbor so that this fall I can indulge in my other hobby...homebrewing.  I think all in all it cost just over $200, and about 2 weekends.

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Your arbor looks great.  I too like to use copper.  We grow some rasberries, we made  a copper trellace for support.  Bugs don't like copper, so the berries are doing better than ever.  I think next I will build a copper support for our tomatoe vines.



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How'd you get that arch into the cedar?

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we used a 2" X 12" piece of cedar to make the arch.  Then made a compas from string and a pencil.  Cut it out on the band saw.

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that's a lot of detail for 20 hrs. you're not only good, you're fast.

nice work, nice yard.


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for 20 hrs I'd just set up my 'wet-bar' for the project...


Have a great day.. Life is wonderful even if you are having a bad day!

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Nice work on those side grills...
Ya ever think of getting into makin' SHOJI ??

Have a great day.. Life is wonderful even if you are having a bad day!

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Download over 16,000 (post #116763, reply #10 of 11)

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