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Unibond 800 cleanup

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Unibond 800 cleanup (post #170982)


I plan to use Unibond 800 to glue up a large lazy susan made of Alaskan Yellow Cedar.

I would appreciate opinions on this approach since I have never tried a 2 part urea formaldehide glue.  Specifically what is used to clean up the glue line and tools?  I am aware of the safety issue and have the needed respirators.

Thanks, Forrest

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While the glue is wet, it can (post #170982, reply #1 of 2)

While the glue is wet, it can be cleaned with water. When dry, I use a paint scraper to get rid of most of it, then a finer card scraper works well. It can also be sanded. For veneer work and/or bent lam's, it's common to scrape one end clean, or use the bandsaw- then one can run the other edge on the table saw. Not sure if that would work for your application.  One thing to consider is color. In it's regual formulation, the Unibond is a medium brown, much darker than the Alaskan Cedar. I know a darker additive is available- you might want to see if a lighter one is also.



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color of Unibond 800 (post #170982, reply #2 of 2)

The folks at vacuum press ( say that white tint is available "for blond wood" which should cover the cedar.  I will test it first, of course, or my inspiration for this project may like a darker wood.  If I dye it to match the glueline it might get by.

Cleanup with water is very welcome news so I think that I will use it.  Thanks! for the quick response.