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Slo-Set Glue

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Slo-Set Glue (post #170975)


Has anyone used this or know anything about it:
User reviews are good. But the product description doesn't say much. For a white or yellow glue, it has a very long open time (30 min). I've tried getting some info from Garrett Wade. But haven't gotten much. I would like to find a tech bulletin.

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Generally they are less than stellar in my experience (post #170975, reply #1 of 2)

Heck . . . I can answer that.  Here is an old thread.  One of the first things I did once I learned the basics of fine woodworking was to spend a bunch of time researching glues with an emphasis on home shop use as opposed to the high tech, high production glues which are a whole different world.

Here is a link.

. . . page down to the post with my silly face on it.  I am on quite a soap box about the "extended open time glues ".

PS: I specifically list the GarretWade in the slow sets I tried.  Page further down to :

 • GarrettWade Slo-Set-Glue


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Slo-Set Glue (post #170975, reply #2 of 2)


Thanks for the disertation Either I didn't read carefully enough or you didn't say whether the Slo-set passed your test. I assume it did. Does it really have a 30 min open time? Do you know what kind of glue it is? PVA, cross-linked, aliphatic-resin? I don't really know the difference except I understand that the plain PVA is subject to creep and other problems.

I guess I'll have to get a bottle and try it. I would still like to get a tech bulletin though.

It appears that a lot of folks are high on liquid hide glue.  I guess I'll have to try some of that too.