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Rolltop desk top

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Rolltop desk top (post #170045)


I am going to help my neighboor move a roll top desk to another room but it will not fit through the door and I cannot tip it sideways because the top is in the way. I plan on taking it off but before I did anything I wanted to see if anyone on the forum can tell me if the are glued on, pegged or both maybe. I would think it would be easy to take but I have not looked underneath to see if there were screws but I was hoping someone could let me know if they had to do this before?



- Toolfreak
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top attachments (post #170045, reply #1 of 5)

Naturally, you'll have to closely examine this specific desk to make a determination, but the attachment methods I've seen on "affordable" commercially-made desks is often fairly rudimentary. I've even some that simply use L-brackets on the inside. Now, that's what I call "Fine Woodworking".  ;-)

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I would think it would be (post #170045, reply #2 of 5)

I would think it would be just dowels possibly glued but I will look with a flashlight after I pull the top drawer on each side and look at the back!


- Toolfreak
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Disassembly (post #170045, reply #3 of 5)

Typically there are figure "8" flat plates that connect the top to the pedestals - additionally you will find screws through the rails.  Your challange may be reconnecting everything.  The locking systems works off the tambors - usually the back edge of the tambor will trigger the bar that locks the drawers.  If your desk has this - you will need to align it during set up.  Check to see if there is a courtsey panel between the peds - this should be removed during handling or it will break


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