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      I have a  12"mitre saw and need to cut some stock at 67&1/2 degee angles to form an octagon.The saw is maxed out at 60 degrees.How can I do this?  Please help. Thank you.

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67.5 degrees is 22.5 degrees from 90 degrees (a right angle). Set your saw to 22.5 degrees. Practice with some scrap wood before tackling your project. Good luck.

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It's easy to forget that the when zero-degrees is indicated on your "chop saw" it's actually set to cut at 90-degrees to the fence (I haven't yet heard a reasonable explanation for this bit of labeling mischief).

In any event, to cut octagons, set your saw for 22.5-degrees, make cuts on a few test pieces, and verify that they sum to 90-degrees when temporarily joined and held to a framing square. Adjust your cutting angle if the sum isn't 90-degrees, make more test cuts, and ensure your miters are tight and clean before you commit to cutting your work pieces.

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