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MDF for bunk bed

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MDF for bunk bed (post #105132)


I am in the process of designing a bunk bed / play area for my daughter.  It is going to look like a castle.  I was planning on making it out of mostly MDF, and was looking for some ideas on how to join the parts together that will take some stress.  Any ideas?

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We were planning a loft bed "house" for our daughter.   The matress would be inside the second floor of the house, with a play/desk area underneath. I wasn't sure how to join it together and so was going to opt for a skeleton of 2x4s underneath either mdf or paint grade plywood.

The plan was never finalized so I'm interested to hear other ideas. 

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Reinforce the rails with angle iron or angle aluminum if you want the bed to last.

And bolt a piece spanning the midsection so it doesn't splay out at the sides.

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Please consider using baltic birch plywood for this project.  I use MDF quite a bit in my shop and it does many things well, but this job has baltic birch written all over it.  Far fewer structural issues than MDF, takes paint very well, and is economical to use.  It also weighs a whole lot less, and is available in many different thicknesses.

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I've built a few beds like that.  You can see a picture at  I don't mind if you use that design as long as it is for personal use only.  This one is built from all MDF excet for the slat supports, they are 3-24 x 1 1/2 x 1 3/8 strips in pine on each siderail.  This keeps them straight.  I also use a slat pack that has 12 to 15 slats in them and make sure at least the center slat is screwed down.   The side rails have a 2 sets of brackets, mainly because they are 16" wide. 

There is also a third siderail at the bottom/back for support.  Not counting the slide, tower, and door kit, there are 5 pieces to the bed.  Once you fasten the tower and slide, this bed is very solid. 

Hope that helps.

Chris Davis

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