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Half lap, not a half lap?

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I've tried to use a form of half-lap joints on some doors, been awhile though.    It seems there is a half-lap joint that looks like a miter joint from the outside of a door, but on the inside, it's just a half-lap joint.   I do remember it being a PITA to get the miter cut  just right, but once it was, it look very good.  Easy to clamp up, and the miter won't open  back up later on.   It's the cutting part that screws me up most of the time.  Lay-out tips, anyone?

give me a picture, I'll give you a finished piece

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I remember the joint, but I (post #160251, reply #1 of 3)

I remember the joint, but I remember it being used for a picture frame.  And it was in FWW I think.

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At the time.. (post #160251, reply #2 of 3)

I made some of these joints, it was to replace some old, worn out plywood kitchen cabinet doors.   I made some pine raised panels, and used that mitered lap joint for the frames.   After a couple tries, i finally got a few made.     I needed about a dozen doors  made.   The "Other half"  was going to paint them anyway, so pine got used.   And this was before something called "Space Balls" had come along.    I simply put a small nail in the center of each door to hold the panel in place.    One at the top and one at the bottom.  

give me a picture, I'll give you a finished piece

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Mitered Half Lap (post #160251, reply #3 of 3)

You might need a magnifying lens to read the text but the drawings for the joint making are pretty clear. Hope this helps, I notice that the time is in error. Another Knots glich?

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