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gluing tips

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gluing tips (post #170176)


Hi I am new to this so If I didn't include enough info please let me know.  I have dropped an antique buggy and three of twelve floorboard slats that support a driver, baggage and seat cracked/broke.  I need to repair as original as possible and would like to glue if possible.  Was considering titebond hide glue, polyurethane, or structural epoxy based on strengths.  Can anyone give me their advice to which one would be best. This will most likely always be a show piece.

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Figuring what glue to use is only half of the equation - it's also going to be necessary to key in new lumber.  I'm thinking the existing rail has some flexibility to it to soften the ride ?  Look at the epoxys by west systems - they make different kinds for different applications.  Than some kind of laminated patch to the broken areas expanding out at least 12 inches in both directions from the cross grain break.


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Gluing Tips (post #170176, reply #2 of 2)


That's a beautiful buggy. IMHO I wouldn't try to patch it. Instead, find out what kind of wood it is and replace the whole piece. Gluing in a patch will always be a patch and not as good as the original. Also, once it is patched, it may no longer have the same spring as the one on the other side. In the end, the cost and effort to patch it may be greater than a total replacement.

Good Luck