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Dowels instead of screws?

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I am to build some pine adirondack furniture, all of which has a jillion woodscrews, all of which have to be countersunk & plugged or otherwise filled-  Would dowels work just as well, assuming the joints to be clamped & glued up?  I'd rather flush cut a bunch of dowels than fill a bunch of holes-  Thanks for any thoughts-

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Thanks Luke-  But...., did the spar varnish cure okay, not sticking to clothing when people used the furniture?  I am planning to use it, but John W got me wondering about it curing enough to be a good choice-  Thanks-

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mine cured fine-not tacky at all-I've spent hours in the chair with a cocktail or two and nary a tug of clothing....I guess you could always use shellac instead if you prefer

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Don't think I'd want to use shellac-  Somebody's likely to want to sit in the chairs with a drink "or two"-  I'll probably use spar varnish, although a fellow in a previous post here suggested a Watco product (teak oil) that sounded very promising-  May have to look a little further-  Thanks again for chiming in-  Much obliged-

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Hello Yogi,

I suddenly occurred to me that the deck chairs on ocean liners are made of teak and have a clear finish. I did a Google search (+teak +finish) and got over two million hits. Here is the first one Hope this helps.

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John-  The Watco teak oil sounds made to order, although maybe a little high brow for a pine adirondack chair :)  May turn out to be a better deal than spar avarnish which, I'm told never cures completely and will stick to clothing when the furniture is used?  Thanks so much for the thought-  I can use all the help I can get- 

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I just finished building some cedar adirondack chairs. I have to agree with John on the stainless steel screws and finish washers. I also glued the joints. The screw heads are not that big, and the finish washers make them look better. I glued and nailed the arm rests to the supports and also nailed the seat slats. SS nails of course. As far as finishing goes, I'm leaving mine au natural, I've decided the only reliable outdoor finish that does not need constant up keep is paint. I didn't want that, so if my chairs turn that beautiful silver color, I won't complain. I'll be sitting in my silver chair sipping a glass of scotch and enjoying a fine cigar.

Good Luck,