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Using epoxy to stabilize a bad crack

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Using epoxy to stabilize a bad crack (post #179901)

I have a cherry board with a serious crackin one end. the crack is from the crotch of the tree. I want to use the whole board as part of a desk(35 in.) . I have to have to plane the board to finished thickness. Can I fill the crack with an epoxy before I plane it or will the epoxy mess up my planer blade. Also should I use a bow tie inlay to prevent further cracking? I've attached a photo of the crack


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You can use glue to fill (post #179901, reply #1 of 3)

You can use glue to fill cracks that and use the machine to smooth roughness. Alright hi

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Wood Putty can be used (post #179901, reply #2 of 3)

Wood Putty can be used filling it in and then scraping it off making a plain finish.

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Filling Cracks (post #179901, reply #3 of 3)

Make up some bow ties to secure, then fill with black epoxy. Norm Abrams did this without the bowtie on a mesquite project. It looks really sharp.

Can't comment on what will happen to your blades. If they are good and sharp going in you should be OK. how critical is the finished thickness? Should not matter as long as the finishhed piece maintains balance. Every mm of material removed is going to potentially expose more cracking. With epoxy you can always do touch ups after.