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Sanding Round Circle Edges

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Sanding Round Circle Edges (post #170156)

Can anyone help with sanding a round circle. I have 8 in circles made out of mdf that are initially cut out with band saw. I need to sand the edges smooth. Is there a trick? Is there a special piece of equipment I can use?

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sanding jig (post #170156, reply #1 of 5)


I used a simple drill press jig - see pic - to sand round 18" oak table tops. Be sure base is large enough so tops will not tip while sanding. Slowly rotate top in jig to sand.


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Larry,   This is exactly (post #170156, reply #3 of 5)



This is exactly the set up I have right now! However, the sanding spindle digs in sometimes making notches and distording to circle. MDF is so soft. Am I running the drill press at the right speed? Am I goung too fast? What is your speed?

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sanding jig (post #170156, reply #4 of 5)


I think I had DP set to slowest speed.  Never used the jig with MDF. I had a few minor dings in the red oak I was using but was able to sand out by hand. The circles were cut very precisely on my band saw so very little sanding was needed.

I only allowed the sand paper to lightly touch the wood and finished sanding by hand. 

Sorry I can’t be more helpful.


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Sanding in circles (post #170156, reply #2 of 5)

Lots of ways to approach this. In my book, though, a disc sander may be the best tool for the job, since the direction of rotation is perpendicular to the edge of the disc being sanded, it allows better control. If the use of the discs allows, adding an index hole in the center would allow you to make a jig to keep the disc centered as you rotate it against the sanding disc.

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special piece of equipment (post #170156, reply #5 of 5)

I would put them on my lathe and sand 'em by hand at a slow to medium speed with a light touch.