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Help to figure out math for slat bed

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I am making two headboards for  slat beds.  Slats are 2 inches wide.  The three inch posts are 35 inches apart. I am having trouble figuring out the identical spacing between the 3 inch posts. (35 inches)

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need to know how many slats (post #179682, reply #1 of 1)

The number of slats times 2 inches each gives you the total width of slats if all butted up together (which I realize you aren't going to do).

The 35 inch total width between posts minus the total width of the slats tells you how many inches of open space there will be.

Assuming that you want a space between the posts and the first slat on each side, divide the total inches of open space by the (number of slats PLUS 1) and you will get the inches between the slats and the slats and the posts.