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wooden rabbet plane restoration

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Hi folks,

I have recently inherited some old wooden hand planes that were my grandfather's, including a 3/4" skewed rabbet plane.  I've downloaded an old FWW article on restoring old wooden planes so I'm feeling well-equipped to tackle the job, but I wanted to address something that isn't covered in that article.  The rabbet plane has a slight warp to it thanks to years sitting on a window sill as a decorative item.  It is probably about 1/8" to 3/16" out of true.

Here's my question:  Do you think that steaming and then clamping between a couple pieces of hard maple would true it up?  Other suggestions?  I want to get rid of this warp before I start work on the sole.



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Given that this plane has more sentimental value than inherent value, I wouldn't try steaming it. I've never tried it, but my guess is that it would pretty much ruin the stability of the body without fully (if at all) removing the warp. If it was me (and it ain't), I'd either keep the plane as a display item and pick up another, similar, one on e-bay or an antique shop for workshop use, or I'd make a new body and use the iron from you grandfather's plane, leaving the body for display.

Mike Hennessy
Pittsburgh, PA

Mike Hennessy
Pittsburgh, PA
Everything fits, until you put glue on it.

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I would first try sitting it on the window sill the opposite of the way it was sitting before.  You might be surprised.



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