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What kind of plane is this??

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What kind of plane is this?? (post #170953)

Can anyone help identify this strange plane?

I'm not even sure what it's used for. It came out of a tool chest that's been in the family, originally from a carpenter working in Connecticut around 1825 - 1850. Most of the other tools in the chest can be dated to around that time period, but this one has no identifying marks on it anywhere that I could find. In fact, I don't even know what kind of plane it is. Anyone know what this plane is used for (or who made it)? The two fences have me really confused. First because there's two of them, and second, because there seems to be some sort of channel in both-- note the curved wood and square channel in each fence. Any pointers are much appreciated!

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Your plane was manufacturer by Otis A. Smith (post #170953, reply #1 of 2)

It is an Otis A. Smith / Fales 1882 Patent Plow Plane.  There are several soles and cutters for making hollows & rounds, beads, grooves, and probably more that go with it.  If you do an Internet search on either Otis A. Smith plane or on Fales 1882 plane you will find several examples and other information.  The plane was not a big seller, though it functioned pretty well from what I hear.


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Holy Cow! Another one. (post #170953, reply #2 of 2)


As gdblake said, it is a Fales Patent combination plane.  I've had one for a long time and recently gdblake was kind enough to send me some parts.  The pictures show what I have and a bead made by one setup.  What I do not have is a fence and the round rod that it mounts on.  THis leads me to ask:  DO YOU WANT TO PART WITH ONE OF THE FENCES?

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