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reeding planes

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reeding planes (post #170683)

I am restoring/resusitating and 18th Century mantle.  I need to reproduce several pieces of flat decorative reeding.  I have found some old reed following planes.  It is one thing to find the plane and another thing to use the plane. Help---refer to literature on reeding planes and the use thereof and are there any more modern planes that could create the reeding necessary.  Diameter of reed is @1/4 inch.  Appreciate advice.


thanks   Bruce

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Well this is a start anyway (post #170683, reply #1 of 2)

Here is a modern tool.


You might call these guys and ask which DVD they sell is best for learning reeding.  Also they sell the planes and may be able to advize you on blades.


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Crossing the Reed Sea (post #170683, reply #2 of 2)

Although Moses probably didn't have any wooden reeding planes, Stanley tried to include that functionality with the #45 and #55. Some folks like them, others not.

Reeding (beading) can also be created with the router table and an appropriate bit, or with the router and an edge guide and a large portion of care.