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New York Tool co. hand plane

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Hello everbody I picked up a wooden hand plane it is a coffin style smooth plane about 7" long with a 2 inch wide blade.  The only markings on it are "New York Tool co." and it is also stamped with the number 3.  Do any of you know anything about that company.  I did not find anything online.  It is in mediocre shape I though I might clean it up and sharpen the blade just to play with it.




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Hi Troy......... New York (post #148106, reply #1 of 4)

Hi Troy......... New York Tool Company was a name used by the Auburn Tool Company of Auburn, NY.  This name was used from 1864 to 1893.  They (Auburn) used several different stamps on their planes.  Carefully check the 'o' in Co.  If it is the same height as the rest of the letters, it is an earlier example.  If the 'o' is rasise so its top lines up with the top of the other letters it is a late production stamp.  If there is an underline under the 'o', it is the last stamp that they used during their production years.  If I remember correctly, Auburn planes, and most likely, New York Tool Co. planes were made at the Auburn Correctional Institute (yea, prison).  My reference book lists all of the New York Plane company stamps as 'frequently found'.  In other words, if you can sharpen the blade, it's a nice 'user' plane.  Sorry, but I can't tell you the meaning of the number 3 stamped on the plane.  It is, most likely the size number or catalogue number.

SawdustSteve   Long Island, NY  (E of NYC)

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Hey Steve thanks so much for (post #148106, reply #2 of 4)

Hey Steve thanks so much for the info.  After I get it sharpened I will post some pictures.



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Re New York Tool Co (post #148106, reply #3 of 4)

Hey Steve,

Thanks for that info also. I picked up a New York Tool Co plane at an antique store in Shipshewana IN. Have been curious about its history and i really appreciate that post. Gave me a chuckle when i read that it was likely made by prisoners. Mine is 26" long and has the stamping you describe as the last production years (a small underlined o raised to the top height of the previous lettering). Mine seems to be missing a forward handle, maybe broken off years ago and then cut off. A nub protruding 1/4" off the surface is all i see. The blade reads "W. BUTCLER" in a half oval "WARANTED CAST STEEL" under that with a crown in the center. I'm sure this could be a replacement blade but possibly not as it has been sharpened down to about nothing. Just wanted to share my plane. If you had anything to comment on my plane i'd be interested. I have very little knowledge of woodworking but i'm really starting to get the bug and i have a slight interest in old tools nothing i think i'll make a hobby of just a fascination. I enjoy tools that have been along for decades while modern tools break after a few months. If i could get a new blade for this one so that it could potentially be used that would be fantastic.


Ed P. Chicago, IL

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#12 New York Tool Co plane (post #148106, reply #4 of 4)

Hello Steve.

Thanks for the answer to the previous post.  I too, picked up a nice wooden plane.  I was having a little difficulty getting all the writhing on the blade.  Now, it is clear as a bell.  This one is a #12 and is also stamped O.S. Heyden (maybe the convict who made it)?  Other than truing up the sole, and cleaning up the blade and breaker, it is in great shape, and I look forward to putting it to use.

Thanks again for the very helpful info.

Woodratz Andrew