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Marples (?) Paring Chisel

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Marples (?) Paring Chisel (post #182400)

I recently had an Ebay find (I think) of a 3/4", crank neck Marples paring chisel.  Now that I have it the first thing was to re-bevel it at 20° which I'm doing now.  I did notice on the Ebay listing what appeared to be a few grooves that may have been made with a grinder but took a chance anyway.  Got the back pretty flat using water stones which eliminated most of the grooves.  As I began to work on the bevel I noticed something strange which hopefully you can see in the image -- the bevel on the sides isn't equal!  Notice how the lower one is much wider than the upper but the edge is square.   

Is that the way this chisel may have been made?  There aren't any markings identifying this as a Marples even though it looks like one as far as I know, I just took the sellers word for it.  In any case, if anyone can shed some light on this tool I'd appreciate that.  While we're talking, what is the overall opinion on micro bevels -- I'm on the fence and have been for decades whether or not they are a good thing.  I do all of my sharpening with water stones so won't have a concave edge.  




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